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A Solution…

Greetings! It’s Elizabeth, your time coach.

I told you last week that I discovered something very disturbing… It moved me so much, I HAD to create a video to share why I’m surprised and exactly what I’m going to do to about it.

(Click on me making a funny face to play my heart-to-heart conversation with you. Sorry about the video quality-this was very impromptu!)


At the beginning of this year, I committed to discovering new ways that I could serve you.   After numerous e-mail conversations, phone calls and surveys, it became clear to me that one MAJOR issue is your desire to slow down, to seek peace and really have time for processing and proactively creating your life instead of being trapped in a reactive mode.

And I’ve found that there are three groups of people when it comes to this as the video above explains.

The key to unlocking a much greater sense of peace, joy, focus, freedom, confidence and clarity in your life right here, right now is TOTALLY available to you, but you have to take hold of it.


I want to give you the tools to really feel good about yourself and your life, to release negative energy and to fully enjoy where you are now instead of feeling like you need to be more, do more or have more to be fulfilled.

So I’m creating a brand new five week “Inner Peace and Freedom” Course for a small group of people…

I’m going to take them by the hand and teach them how to use my time management coaching techniques combined with reflection time to create inner peace and happiness in their life.

All of the details will be available on Friday… but until then, here are the basics.

I’m going to give you one audio recording each week for four weeks, which will include corresponding activity worksheets that you will implement in the following week.  During the week, you’ll be able to submit questions to me about what’s working and what you need help with.  Then one week after the release of each training session, I’ll do a Q&A call that answers all of your questions and will be recorded. (The final Q&A call happens on the fifth week of the program.)

This way you have accountability to implement this simple, step-by-step process and make it  a daily habit.

I almost never do group coaching.  The last time I did something similar was almost two years ago…

But I want to create this course for you to give you a chance to be different for the sake of yourself and for those around you (it’s no fun for anyone when you’re stressed or grumpy!).

This premier course is limited to 16 people.  And it is a fraction of the investment for one-on-one coaching.  All of the details will be available on FRIDAY.

But if you know in your heart this is exactly what you need in your life, then you can reserve your spot today by signing up on the link below.

I think it’s time for us to all step up and say that we’re not going to settle for feeling stressed out all the time, and I’m going to do my part to do everything I can to help.

My dream is to see a world full of peaceful, confident and accomplished people–starting with you!

I believe in you!

Your time coach,


P.S. – If you’re one of the first to sign up today, you’ll secure your spot in the premier group of 16 people. If not, I can’t guarantee that there will be a spot for you. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail and your first BONUS gift within a few days if you made the group. If you didn’t, you will be notified and your deposit will be refunded.