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Coaching is like sitting across from me over coffee for a healthy dose of advice and encouragement

Coaching is like sitting across from me over coffee for a healthy dose of advice and encouragement.

“I’ve worked on trying to improve my time management and organization for years, but going through a coaching series with Elizabeth helped me actually get more of what I “know” into practice.  It’s not so much about what you should do (if it were, no one would struggle with weight loss, because all you need to do is “eat right and exercise”); it’s about actually getting it into practice…” - Internal IT business consultant, Fortune 100 company

Your Schedule Makeover:

A Schedule Makeover gives you focus, peace, and a sense of control by laying out your ideal schedule and coaching you on how to make it happen.

The Schedule Makeover™ includes a complete assessment of how you use your time and how this has an impact on your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and professional health. During your private phone consultation, you’ll also share your dreams and goals before starting on a transformed schedule and custom plan of action:

  • Clearly define your dream schedule, including everything that’s a priority to you.
  • Discover how to create a stress-free lifestyle, while succeeding in your career.
  • Define what you can do to achieve balance.
  • Benefit from regular follow up coaching calls for expert insight, encouragement and accountability.
How much would it be worth to you to be productive when you’re working so you can feel accomplished and be present when you spend time with the people that matter most to you?

To learn more or set up an initial free consultation, send an e-mail to freedom@reallifee.com

“…It’s very helpful to have an outside observer, to help you sort through what you are really doing. I tended to beat myself up a lot about what I wasn’t doing, which would get me discouraged, rather than thinking about the wins. Encouragement was much more important than I thought.  Also, Elizabeth was very helpful in sorting out what to focus on, what to do next, among all the possibilities of things to work on…

Making The Change

If you feel like your life and business are permanently stuck on Fast Forward and you, your work, and the people that you care about and who care about you are starting to suffer, this program is for you.

After your Schedule Makeover™, phone coaching helps you uncover limiting beliefs, develop new habits, and set up systems of accountability to empower you to make lasting change. This three-month program includes personal exercises, custom goals, and regular coaching calls. Each 60-minute coaching session keeps you accountable, encourages you to stay motivated, and helps you problem solve.

  • Free yourself from the negative beliefs and fears that hold you back.
  • Transform your life in a thorough, systematic fashion.
  • Empower yourself to stay balanced through life’s ups and downs.
  • Enjoy the support and encouragement of a faithful partner.
  • Move into action (and kick out procrastination)!
  • Feel a sense of peace that you have everything in order and in control.
Click here to find out more! Imagine a life where you can get your work done, nurture your most important relationships, and most of all be the most amazing person you can be!

“…I was already quite successful by many measures.  But adopting better time management practices and seeing tangible progress in a matter of weeks has enabled me to have greater confidence about managing my time, to be more peaceful, to feel like I am in more control. This has given me a clearer mind for decision-making, a greater ability to rest, a greater ability to focus and produce results.” – Internal business consultant, Fortune 100 company 

To learn more or set up an initial free consultation, send an e-mail to freedom@reallifee.com