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Discover How To Feel DRAMATICALLY More Peaceful, More Confident, and Achieve MORE In Your Life By Stepping Back and Doing Less…

Even if You Feel Overwhelmed, Constantly Behind & Like You’re Always Letting Others Down.


You CAN Achieve More While Experiencing Deep Inner Peace…


I’m Going To Show You How.

(This video explains what this is about. YouTube has also once again caught me making a funny face!:)

Through coaching people from eight countries and four continents, from corporate executives to small business owners, from twenty somethings to people in their mid sixties, I’ve discovered one common lie we ALL have been sold since we first opened our eyes and took in our first look of the great wide world…

This lie causes more pain, more heartache, more stress and frustration in people’s lives than ANYTHING I’ve come across.

And EVERYONE I know has bought into it at one point. Have you been sold on it too?
  • Have you ever felt like you want something more out of life, but you’re not sure what it is?
  • Have you ever snapped at someone, not because they did anything horribly wrong but because you were in a negative, frustrated state and didn’t realize it?
  • Have you felt like a victim to your circumstances and to the whims of the people around you?
Or Perhaps You Feel Like…
  • You’ve done everything you ‘should have’, according to society’s standards, but you still feel empty, dull, hollow inside—and it scares you.
  • You feel like life is moving slower than it used to because you’re weighed down with cares and everything requires SOOOOO much effort (kind of like wading through a pool in a parka)
  • You’re taking care of everyone else, only to find there’s no time left for YOU.
  • You feel like no one understands you and you’re the only one who struggles with these problems.
  • You feel a lack of connection with those around you and crave depth and security in relationships…

If you’ve felt any of those things, you’ve fell into the trap of the lie we’ve all been sold…

But it’s NOT your fault for feeling this way. We’ve all been sold this package of lies. It’s natural to feel this way. (We all have at some point.)

And I want you to know HOW you can get through this place as quickly and painlessly as possible…

How My Dad Accidentally Taught Me That Goals Don’t Matter

Because my dad is a super awesome corporate guy with a passion for making positive change in his organization, he signed up to for a training program and asked me to join him as a guest. We do our best father/daughter bonding through learning about business (What can I say? We’re self development nerds :)

I had an awesome time with my Dad and with the amazing, positive people in the program. But I also had some important insights on how to help clients bust through the wall of lies that block them.

One of those insights came through an exercise lead by one of our trainers. I’ll never forget it.

The exercise started by the trainer asking the group to write down their answers to these three questions:

1) What do you want to achieve?
2) What do you want to feel when you achieve it?
3) When do you want to achieve it by?

Then she asked … “So what is the goal?”

Everyone kept saying their #1 answer.

And she kept saying, “No,” and “Not quite,” and “Nope, again.”

Once again, everyone tried to phrase and rephrase their #1 answers.

Finally, she took pity on us (or we reached the end of the session) so she revealed the TRUTH:

The goal isn’t to achieve #1. The goal is to FEEL #2.

The truth is… we’re chasing feelings. Our goals don’t really matter. What matters is the FEELING our goals give us when we reach them.

Try this on yourself… think of a goal you want to achieve. What will you feel when you reach it?

What if I told you… You can have that feeling RIGHT NOW! Achieving that specific goal is probably much less important than you think and in fact may not lead to the desired feeling…

Crazy, isn’t it?

It’s a lie that you need to do something, have something, or be something more.

You can feel happy, peaceful, joyous and complete right now. You don’t have to change yourself. You don’t have to add more goals. You don’t have to accomplish more. What if I told you that you are everything you need to be… just the way you are.

You Can Have Everything You Ever Dreamed Of Right Now… If You Understand Why We Prune Plants

(That sounds a little weird, I know, but wait until you discover how true it is… )

Plant pruning is an art form. I am a huge admirer of gardens. It’s been a joy to visit botanical gardens around the country and the world. (One of my favorite’s is the Japanese garden in Portland, Oregon, and there’s a snap shot of me in it here.)Elizabeth in Portland

As plants grow, they get branches growing in all sorts of different directions. When that happens, the plant stops growing in a focused, strong direction because all of the energy from the plant is chaotically moving in a bunch of different directions.

When that happens, you prune the plant back to nearly killing it… You remove almost all those random branches and pieces.

And the point of doing this is to get rid of the excess so the energy in the plant is focused on growing in one direction… up.

This process of pruning and trimming back a plant is exactly what daily journaling, reflection and meditation will do in your life.

It will prune back everything in your life that doesn’t matter, so you can focus all of your time and energy on the things that do matter.

Here’s how it works.

As life happens, we have issues we need to process and release on a daily basis. This is the foundation of everything. If you have something broken within you internally, nothing else will function right. It’s like trying to build a building on a cracked (or worse a hollow) foundation… you can build for a while, but eventually everything will collapse.

So you must first start with looking inside yourself to see where growth has happened in the wrong direction. It might be a variety of things:

  • Tying your worth to your achievements
  • Making everyone else happy without considering what will make you happy
  • Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders
  • Feeling responsible for everything and everyone you encounter

When you stop to think and process what’s inside of you, you’re preparing yourself to give to the world from a place of strength and clarity. It’s about cutting back to figure out what really matters in your life.

Achievers feel uncomfortable slowing down and maybe even a bit annoyed and frustrated for not making tangible progress. But when you take this extra time, you’ll be able to increase meaningful growth and sustainable positive results (without burning out or crumbling.) This is about taking care of you first—because you matter apart from anything you do, produce or obtain.

Part of this process is stepping back from your life for a moment to decide and focus on what in your life is most important and most fulfilling. What your ultimate purpose is and how you can live it every single day. Also, what really makes YOU happy (not what you think should make you happy or what makes other people happy)

  • Who are the people in your life that put you on cloud 9?
  • Who are the people who drain your energy?
  • What environments stimulate growth vs drain your energy?
  • What work matters most to you?
  • What should you do more of? Less of?

These questions force you to step out of your day-to-day life and routines and take time to work ON your life instead of just IN your life. That way you have a clear understanding of where you are going and WHY.

When you figure this out, you can focus all your energy on what REALLY matters to you. Whether that is time alone at a coffee shop, paddleboarding on the ocean, or simply taking time to read a good book, only by doing the things that matter most to you will you be truly fulfilled.

The whole point of this is to transcend from your day-to-day life to get a higher level view of what’s happening in your life internally and externally. From there, you can understand what will make you more happy…

This isn’t about losing sight of your goals, cutting back on what you enjoy, or stressing out more…

This is about learning how to align yourself so reaching your goals is easier, more fun and overall more fulfilling.

(A secret for the achievers: Ironically… when you take this time to align yourself, you’ll be able to achieve MORE with LESS effort because you’ll have clarity on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. )

After countless surveys of my readers, TIME AND TIME again, they wanted to learn more about my process for staying happy, upbeat, positive and energetic.

So here is what I have in store for you…

There are two primary reasons we feel a constant sense of restlessness, guilt, fatigue and heaviness: lack understanding what’s bothering us and the tools to overcome those emotional road blocks that rob us of our peace, joy and light.

That is why I’ve created a five week course that will put you on a path toward inner peace, freedom and reconnecting with your truest, deepest self…

Introducing… The Premier Inner Peace & Freedom Program For A Select Group of 16 People.

I’m going to take 16 people by the hand and teach them the elements they need to implement these strategies to create inner peace and freedom in their life. You’ll discover the exact strategies I’ve used to stay happy and unstressed through the ups and downs of running a business balancing that with a rich and full personal life.

Here is what this is all about:
  • Creating space in your life to reflect and reconnect with yourself
  • Re-aligning yourself with your values and beliefs so you can accomplish more with less effort
Here is what it’s not:
  • A fluff course on relaxing.. this is about learning practical skills to make time for reflection and thought.
  • A program geared toward just one type of mindfulness… you will receive ideas on different exercises to do during the time but the emphasis is on making the time and space for your best way of processing and releasing what comes at you in life whether it be mediation, journaling, etc.
Here’s what you’ll get:

Four Audio Trainings That Give You Time Coaching on Making Space for Peace:

Learn these practical skills throughout the courses:

  • How to figure out when is your best time for reflection.
  • Secrets to finding free space and “layering” on mental processing
  • How you can push out the good with the best
  • How to optimize your environment so that you are focused and calm
  • How to minimize distraction
  • How to address and reduce feelings of guilt for taking time for yourself

Four Q&A Calls Where I Answer Your Deepest Questions About Creating Inner Peace In Your Life:

Each week, there will be a Q&A call where I answer all the questions you have about implementing this content in your life. You’ll be able to send in questions throughout the week as you implement the material and I’ll answer them during this call, which will be recorded so that you can listen to it when it best suits your schedule. You can also use this as a way of accountability, giving yourself the goal of completing the last week’s material by the time we have the Q&A call. Plus you can learn from others questions.

You will receive recordings of all of this material so that you can continue to use them and reference them for years to come. This is a gift in you and your emotional and mental freedom.

This program is for you if you’ve:
  • Always wanted to spend some more time on self reflection, meditation or journaling but just weren’t sure how to get started.
  • Set aside time for reflection and found you got bored or fell asleep because you weren’t sure what to do.
  • Tried meditation techniques that help clear your mind but never feel like you’re actually effectively processing and releasing the issues, concerns or problems that are bothering you.
  • Decided that this is a year of letting go of fear and doubt and focusing not on doing more but on enjoying more of what you’re doing and being more of who you want to be.
This program is not for you if you have:
  • No interest in exploring your interior life and the inner–often hidden–thoughts and motivation that drive your behavior.
  • No desire to open yourself up to growth, change and freedom
  • No hunger for the transformative power of inner focus and self knowledge

I’ve invested thousands of hours implementing these strategies in my life, and I can tell you it’s worth it. When I coaching people one-on-one, they receive my full attention and custom program so it’s a significant financial investment.

So although I’m a HUGE believer in one-on-one coaching and will continue to be there for my clients, I also wanted to find a way to help more people get results in their life. It’s my purpose to serve people and coaching 1:1 can only reach so many of you.

So when you sign up for this coaching program, it’s only $247.

And I want to extend a personal promise.

I guarantee if you implement what I teach in this program, you’ll feel a renewed sense of inner peace and freedom that you haven’t experienced before. You’ll also have clarity on what’s really important to you so you can know how to best invest your time.

I built this course to help those people who felt lost and helpless when it comes to implementing a ritual to reconnect with themselves. If you use this content and find that the strategies aren’t helping you to really feel more peaceful, all you have to do is shoot me an email let me know. I will happily refund your money and we’ll part as friends. I’m building this course and I take responsibility for it.

I’ve seen how my life (and others) have changed from taking time for quiet… and I know you can do the same.

Plus, You Receive These Special Bonuses:

BONUS Implementation Worksheets:

  • Help you to practically apply the concepts taught each week.
  • Give you guidelines on how to develop the right routines for you.

BONUS Audio Training: How to Overcome Unhelpful Mental Patterns

  • Understand why addressing mental patterns is essential to moving forward
  • Explore how you can think differently and transform your life experience

BONUS The Secret of Inner Peace E-Book:

This material is drawn from personally spending quiet time in reflection almost every day for over 18 years plus working with clients on four continents in creating a greater sense of peace and freedom in their lives.
It includes 16  different journaling exercises to lead you through the process of uncovering what is robbing your peace and joy and discovering how to overcome them.

Through this course you will not only calm your mind but also learn how to get in touch with your heart.

The Three Decisions You Can Choose Between Right Now

It is in moments of decision that shape our destiny. Moments like now. You can choose between three options right now:

  • You can continue to be stressed out, overwhelmed and frustrated with life.
  • You can continue searching to figure out on your own what will help you change.
  • Or you can take action – and join a small group of amazing people on a specific path to create a life of freedom, peace and confidence.

It is your decision.

If you’re done waiting…if you won’t put this off for a moment longer…if you’re ready to create the peace and happiness you desire, then I’d like to invite you to join this course and see how it transforms your life…

Do This Today… Give Yourself This Gift of Inner Peace.

I guarantee that if you truly invest yourself in this process, your life will be changed for the better.

Your time coach,


P.S.-Thanks for going on this journey with me. I’m deeply grateful for you.