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as promised (details for those seeking peace)

I did a great deal of thinking over the last few weeks about whether I should move forward with the free gift on the 5 Biggest Obstacles to Inner Peace…

From a numbers stand point, there hadn’t been quite as much interest as I had hoped (131 people on the interest list instead of 200).

But as I thought through your heart-felt comments and e-mails about this being “exactly” what you needed, “perfect timing” and something you were SO excited about and really prayed into the situation, I realized that I was not supposed to draw back.

That this gift has a special purpose in each one of your lives & NEEDS to come to fruition.

So here it goes…

I AM going to move forward on this Free Gift and start to explore more of how I might be able to support you in the specific area of achieving greater Inner Peace & Freedom.

But, I need your help (seriously!)

If you’re really serious about quieting down your mind and heart and gaining a sense of clarity and calm, I really appreciate it if you could Click Here to fill out a 3 question survey.

Your answers will influence the content of the free gift AND potentially lead to other ways I can support you on the path to Inner Peace & Freedom.

I want to hear EXACTLY what YOU want. And as a “thank you” you’ll receive the product that I’m creating for free. It’s that simple.

3 Questions on Inner Peace

Make sense?

In short:

  1. You fill out the 3-question survey.
  2. I work on the free gift.
  3. We move toward a greater sense of inner peace together.

Click Here for the Survey.

YOU are the reason this is happening.

Thank you! I’m grateful for you!


P.S.—This will seriously take just a minute and it’s SUPER important to make sure I’m creating the right content. Please give your input here: 3 Questions